Monday, January 6, 2014

The gangs first pet bed!

Got tired of doing nothing but digital stuff yesterday and grabbed my crochet bag and went to work.  Smile

I had so much fun, and the time passed so quickly that I went from 2:00 pm to 11:20 pm in a flash.  I didn’t even eat, which is saying something.  LOL

Anyway, here’s pics of the cat bed and a couple of the rollies I made.


side shot

top view

The cats are crazy about it.  Piper tends to hog it and swats at everyone who gets near it.  lol  The kitten in the pic is Grey Beard.  She’s a sweetie. 

The second one I’m working on is a little smaller.  It’s the main colour of the one above.  I forgot to change when I started on the trim.  I’ve only got two more rows and I’ll have it done.  Smile


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And so ends the day…

It’s been a good day.  I woke up at 5:20 AM with a headache, and it went away before 5:45.  : )  I’m over the moon about that!   My bladder exploded and I peed all over the bathroom floor.  That was exciting.  For Jeff the Cat, anyway.  I swear he was laughing.

By 9:30, I’d completed my days work on a new squid lens.  And from there on the day was pretty much all to myself. 

You can read about the rest in my blog at scruffy zines.  I hope the weather is good tomorrow so I can take the latest pics of the shelter.

There was a bright side to the turkeys not using the shelter today.  It meant I got to use it for a bird blind!  Thanks, turkeys!!!  It was fun.  : )


Monday, February 13, 2012

It’s nice having an extra excuse…

Spent today working on the shelter for the turkeys.  You can see pics in the blog at Scruffyzines.  After everything was done, I stood back and wondered how on earth I could possibly be so exhausted.  There really wasn’t that much to do: cut branches, bailing twine the boards, haul a couple pieces of plywood.

I felt like a wimp afterwards, and then I remembered the magic word – “dystonia.”  My thoughtful sidekick and companion.  (pause)   It’s nice to have an excuse for stuff, other than saying, “I’m over 50.  I’m supposed to feel this way.”    LOL

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of many posts on the net of Whitney Houston’s death–There’s more to life than talent.

Between facebook and twitter, there’s been lots of postings of Houston singing the anthem at Super Bowl XXV.  There’s posts of Houston singing Dolly Parton’s song, and this last one is the reason for my post.

Whitney had extremely beautiful voice, which gave her so much potential for success in all areas of her life.  But Houston lacked a solid foundation for her life.  She got involved with a low-life, became a drug addict and alcoholic, and contributed nothing to society, except being an example of how you don’t want to live your life.

Houston’s life was so empty she tried everything she could to fill the void.  I’m sure as the weeks go by, she’ll be lifted up as one of the greatest in the music industry and an example to us all, much like Amy Winehouse, who also led a wasted life.

Hollywood and the music industry have a really weird idea of what success is.  True success can be found in people like: Dolly Parton, Marie Osmond, John Schneider, Julie Andrews, etc. 

Sticking with just those, what makes them so successful in the true meaning of success?

Dolly Parton took her music success to create Dollywood. Dollywood provides families with fun entertainment, provides jobs, and brings money into the community helping others profit from her venture.

Marie Osmond (plus her family) and John Schneider started the Children’s Miracle Network.  That says it all, especially to those who have benefited from this extraordinary program. 

Julie Andrews!  A magnificent legacy with Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.  I’d love to know how many little kids have jumped out of trees, and off anything they could find with an umbrella and broken an arm or leg.  LOL (Thankfully, I never broke anything – except my pride.)

Her books have thrilled children all over the world, and she works to encourage children to love books. 

That’s true success.  They’ve done and do big things, and not for themselves.

It’s something to think about as people hold up those like Houston and Winehouse to be something more than they were.  They both could have been so much more.

There’s more to life than talent.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

bumfreezing cold

Nigella on the gateThis has been a crazy week, but I’m mamash proud of myself.  I managed to get my zine done, get another almost 100% prepared for Kindle, got a product review up, and started a new web site.  I love this one.  It’s fun.  It’s cool.  And oddly – it’s black.  Never tried using that colour before, and I really like it.

The one thing I wish I would have gotten in more, is time in my secret spot.  I did a lot of watching from the kitchen window, but wasn’t able to get out the door as much as I wanted.  I need to spend more time with the turkeys, if I’m ever going to tame them so I can pet them and put them in the pen if I have to. 

Anyway, it’s late and I still need to say tehillim.  And get 5 cats off my sleeping bag so I can go to sleep.

Good nite  : )

Pic: Nigella on the gate.